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British and American Spellings

This file contains a list of some of the most common words in science, engineering and medicine whose spellings differ in British and American English.

-British and American Spelling



-ize or -ise & -yze or -yse

Is -ise British English and -ize American English? Microsoft seems to think so!
Here you'll find advice on how to choose the correct suffix.

--ise or -ize?



Singular or Plural Verb?

One of the worst mistakes you can make in English is having the wrong verb form in the third person singular and plural. You can brush up your grammar by reading this overview.

-Singular or Plural Verb?



Respectively and Respective

This document explains the correct use of the words "respectively" and "respective" in English. A number of examples are given.

-Respectively and Respective 




Here is an overview of uncount nouns i.e. things not usually counted.




Which or That?

Are you wondering if you should use "which" or "that"? This document summarizes the rules that apply in both cases.

-Which or That?



Word division

The purpose of the written word is to communicate, and written matter should be easy to read. However, the splitting of words at the end of a line can impede the flow. Here are the main rules in English word division.

-Word Division

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